Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paris hilton sex. Gallery.

Paris hilton sex. Extra Pictures:

paris hilton sexparis hilton sexparis hilton sex
I must never be a strange girl? I can not find a girl for my life, fact is that everything he thinks that getting drunk and I'm a huge frat boy from his outward appearance. 511'm half Italian and half Brazilian, and people blah blah basically believe to be a player or an athlete. I'm in college and a second year. The problem is that I hate college kids all love. I like to drink, but not to excess and make a big deal out of it, like children here. It is not that big of a deal people, but once the quota has destroyed or drunk this weekend. But I have a couple of beers / wine and actually hold convos or have a small party at someones house. I like reading and going to the library over the weekend and actually get some good reading and going to the movies all the time, almost 2-3 times a month. I love traveling, and wants to go backpacking in Australia and in fact go on an adventure, as through woods and jungle and what does not. I also volunteer all the time and walk dogs and to help mentally disabled children get a mentor and friend. I basically want to explore the world and going to events, museums, concerts, blah blah. We apologize for this rant, it seems everything is so Paris Hilton and Reality TV nowadays. I was the star athlete in high school, so I know what its like to be popular, and its boring and fake and plastic. Am I doomed to be a nerd in it, but faced with something outside? And thats what I'm looking for in the opposite sex, hahaha I can not
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